• AK von Malmborg


Updated: Sep 23, 2019

THE MAKEADEMY starts today.

It is monday and I just got back from Greece, where I spent the last week in a house on a cliff surrounded by the sea, great place for grandiose lofty plans.

And today I woke up, ready to start this journey into the future, the first of 5 x 111 days that I will be doing THE MAKEADEMY.

As I walked into my studio, I found it full of wasps. Unlike many, I am not afraid of wasps, I think they are pretty incredible and beautiful animals. However, I found it strange that there were about thirty or so wasps in my studio as this has never happened before.

Since I decided on being /VERY/ open minded during THE MAKEADEMY - I thought I should look up online if wasps have a symbolic meaning. Here´s what I found !

"You are being reminded that simply thinking about your dreams will not make them a reality as quickly as going out and doing it. Make a plan, keep working towards it and let nothing get in your way. Perseverance, desire and action are what is called for. Apply your passion to the reality you wish to achieve!

Alternatively Wasp is letting you know that resistance to change is by definition self sabotage. It’s time to allow yourself the notion that all things are possible, and that you deserve to have all your dreams come true. Be the best you can be!"

And if you didn´t already read it, my manifesto for THE MAKEADEMY IS THIS :

I want to take a quantum leap as a painting artist, to not only survive but to thrive.

A few years ago I made a promise to myself to spend the rest of my life becoming the best artist I can become during the rest of my life. I was researching and thinking about how to develop my practice, and I realised there are no Universities, no MA programs, no gurus, nor idols, that addresses or answers my questions or needs.

I decided to make it an art-performance work in which I design my own university and my own MA-program, with my own curriculum, subjects, advisors, collaborators, manifestos, reading lists and degree show.

I will be the only student in the program. And Dean.

There will be no tutors.

There will be the International advisory board consisting of the most intelligent and interesting human beings I can gather, An advisory board to give me advise, reading suggestions, and tasks.

There will be no essays

But I will write manifestos.

During the 2 year performance I will communicate everything I do, including research and reflections on experiences within the education program in the form of a blog on THEMAKEADEMY.COM . As a part of the ”degree-show” I will make an edited and printed version of the blog that may serve as inspiration or hopefully even a support for self education among other artists.

THE TOPICS ADDRESSED IN THE MAKEADEMY WILL BE WHAT IS NOT TAUGHT IN ART SCHOOLS (or anywhere) (don´t get me wrong, I LOVED the education I got as a Bachelor Art Student but there are a lot they DON´T teach too)

Art schools

don’t teach us what we need to not only survive but to thrive as artists and contribute to society

don’t teach us how to leave your comfort zone to travel the empty parts of the map

don’t teach us about the business of art

don’t teach us to dream beyond the known

don’t teach how to practice self discipline

don’t teach us about creativity and the science of creative process

don’t teach us to form a network of fellow artists and supporters

don’t teach us about art as a language in its own right language without words that speaks directly to the soul

don’t teach about the spirituality of art

don’t teach about sacred geometry

don’t teach us to dream of utopia

don’t teach us about time and money management

don’t teach us exploration of the subconcious

don’t teach us thinking with your body and not your head

inspire others

don’t teach us to carry yourself with inspirational style

don’t teach time-travel

don’t teach talking with trees

don’t teach us how to face defeat

don’t teach us about how to practice facing our fears

don’t teach us about how to practice forgiveness

don’t teach us to go into the unknown

don’t teach us how to be like a musician that hits a tone with our artwork that lets every viewer be a resonance box for the tone for decades to come

In a best case scenario they teach us the materials and techniques Of the physical work but in many cases…not.

And they don’t teach us that if society is a garden artists are the flowers. if society is a body artists are vitamins. If Society is a house, artists are high ceilings.